“Your understanding, showing of respect and caring manner was exemplary. You went above and beyond what was expected...”
Senior Home Sale Coaching

Over the years that we’ve been serving seniors and their families through their home sale, there have been many calls to the SASH office from people who just need guidance, support, and resources.

One call may be from a recently widowed senior who knows the home is too big, and doesn’t know where to begin. Another call may be from a weary adult daughter who is trying to manage her parents’ home sale from hundreds of miles away. A third call may be from a retirement community, whose prospective residents are paralyzed by the overwhelming complexity of their home sale.

SASH Senior Home Sale Coaching Services can assist with all of these and more. As a nationwide service, our assistance is available to anyone who may be facing multiple challenges in a senior’s home sale. Our experienced, highly trained Coaches will personalize each session around the client’s specific goals and plans. We provide compassionate support and expert guidance, in as little as a one-hour call or as long as the entire home sale journey. If needed, SASH Coaches can “quarterback” the complete process, managing all of the details, and allowing the family to focus on their senior loved one’s care and well-being.

SASH Coaching Packages come in a variety of options. We accept online payment or easy pay-by-phone, and additional hours can be purchased.

Trust our years of experience assisting seniors and their families. Our services are based on successfully guiding clients through many successful home sales, earning outstanding reviews along the way.

For more information about our Coaching Services, we invite you to call the SASH office. We look forward to assisting you to a successful home sale!