“SASH makes this very challenging process of transitioning our seniors easy and guides you every step of the way.”
Senior Home Sale Kits

For those who would like to tackle their senior home sale with planning, practical assistance, and proactive steps, SASH offers easy-to-use Senior Home Sale Kits. Kits provide an excellent way to better understand  the steps, tasks, and decisions of a senior’s home sale –all from the convenience of your home, office, or while enjoying a latte at your nearby café.

We often hear, “I had no idea that it would be so much work,” from those who take on the responsibility of an elderly loved one’s home sale. Initially, it seems like a simple process of getting a home ready for the market, then selling it. Yet the dynamics of a senior’s home sale are multi-layered, with strong emotional components. The sheer number of steps from start to finish can be daunting. New decisions and questions that arise daily can be overwhelming.

Where should you begin? What kinds of home updates should be made? How can it be done on a limited budget? How do you understand the grief of leaving a home of forty years?

Find out the basics of navigating this life step in SASH’s Senior Home Sale Kits!

The materials found in each Kit were created by the SASH Team, based on years of experience serving seniors and their families through their home sale. Within the Kits are Ready Checklists, a Planning Guide, Resource Lists, your own copy of “Home Sweet Home Sale: Your Guide to A Successful Sale of a Senior’s Home”, Success Stories, and much more! The Kits also contain information about SASH’s other home sale services, which you may access at any time in your home sale journey.

From start to sold, SASH is here to provide guidance, support, and innovative assistance to seniors and their families nationwide. SASH Senior Home Sale Kits are an affordable and user-friendly way to accelerate the learning curve, and enjoy a successful home sale!