“SASH relieved us of the worry, expenses, and maintenance of trying to sell on our own. It was a very easy process.”
How to Qualify for SASH

Senior homeowners, family members, caregivers, and professional elder care providers are all welcome to explore the many options in SASH’s family of senior home sale services. With online resources, home sale kits, coaching services, brokerage services, and custom-designed home sales, there’s something for everyone who is looking for assistance through the sale of a senior’s home.

SASH does have important guidelines in the clients that we are able to serve. The following is a brief list of the qualifications to use our services, which are subject to change:

Seniors: While SASH primarily focuses its services on senior homeowners, our services are available to anyone who would like to enjoy the same high level of service that our senior clients enjoy. 

Ownership: In order for SASH to facilitate a successful home sale, we must be working with the party who has a full legal and uninhibited right to sell the home, and is competent to do so, or has documentation that empowers another party to do so on their behalf.

Locations: SASH Realty referral services, SASH Coaching Services, and SASH Kits are available nationwide. The SASH Program is currently available in Western Washington, with expansion plans in the near future. Our online resources are available globally!

Agreement: In home sales where there is significant conflict among the decision makers, SASH will not proceed with its services. We will withdraw until all parties have reached a mutual decision.

Type of Home: SASH has managed the sale of many types of homes, regardless of their condition, age, style, contents, or state of disrepair. We may not be able to proceed in some situations, but we commit to consider each one to the best of our ability.

Every home is unique, and every owner’s specific needs and goals are unique. Call SASH to speak to one of our Team members, and to find out whether you qualify for our services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!