“SASH made the sale quick, easy, and provided extra moving services that were greatly needed.”
SASH Home Sale Options

At SASH, we understand that your home sale journey is unique to you. No one else has an identical home to yours, or the same needs and goals for the sale of the home, or the same timeline of important dates.

The sale of one’s home is a very significant, personal life event that does not fit into a “cookie-cutter” box. 

For this reason, SASH’s home sale services are individually custom-designed around each client, and their specific needs. We get to know you, and design a plan that will work best for you, in terms of timeline, support services, budget, and desired outcome. Your home sale deserves this level of attention and care.

SASH provides several home sale options that each can be customized for your needs and goals. We have provided these home sale services for many years, and our clients benefit from SASH’s outstanding track record, expertise, and experience. The following descriptions provide a quick summary of each. Contact us to learn more!


Market Listing: SASH Realty, our full-service brokerage, offers the complete range of services to list your home or property on the market. You’ll find that SASH has high standards of how we present the home for maximum value, and we can suggest ways to best prepare the home for the sale.


R & R Home Sale: If you don’t want the work or expense of a typical market listing, the R & R may be right for you! SASH manages the entire home sale for you, using our resources to help with packing and moving, coordinating any renovations or repairs needed on the home, and preparing the home for market. There are no out of pocket costs for you; you can Rest and Relax while we handle each detail for you. The more we sell the home for, the more you make!


Certain and Sold Home Sale: If you are looking for maximum ease and privacy for your home sale, the Certain and Sold is a great option. SASH provides custom home sales to clients, where SASH purchases the home directly from the client in a private sale. You choose the closing date, there is no work or out-of-pocket expense for you, and the terms of the sale are customized around your specific needs. It’s a certain price and closing date!

There are specific qualifications for each of SASH’s home sale options. We are happy to meet with you at no cost or obligation, to share our services in more detail and to see what options may be best for you. We look forward to serving you!