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What's in a Home Sale Kit?

SASH Senior Home Sale Kits are packed with user-friendly, practical, and helpful information that provide great assistance with a senior’s home sale. The guidance and tools found in SASH Kits are based on years of experience working with seniors through this significant life step.

The Cape Cod Kit includes:        

  • Home Sweet Home Sale – An illustrated chapter book of practical advice relating to the senior home sale process, co-authored by two experts, Rebecca Bomann (founder of SASH) and Jane Conrad, Seniors Real Estate Specialist. This hands-on, practical guide is the combination of twenty-two years of experience helping seniors through their home sale, through hundreds situations, topped with some humor and compassion.
  • Senior Home Sale Planning Guide – A step-by-step journey through a senior’s home sale, with typical tasks, home sale phases, and expenses to plan for.
  • Stories of Success and Sanity – This collection of stories provides real life examples of seniors’ homes sold in diverse situations, and how they did it.
  • Ready Checklists – Need a checklist for the estate sale? For moving day? For sprucing up the home for sale? Our Ready Checklists keep track of each step.
  • National Resource List – Our List helps you locate professionals who can assist you with the many tasks of the home sale and move.

The Tudor Kit also includes:

  • The SASH Video Guide – This DVD provides guidance on the different phases of a senior’s home sale, taught by members of the SASH Team. Enjoy from the comfort of your living room or laptop.
  • SASH Program Radio Show – This CD brings you SASH’s six-part radio series on the decisions surrounding the sale of a senior’s home, for easy listening at home or in the car. Features elder care professionals and SASH’s CEO Rebecca Bomann.
  • 9-1-1 Home Sale In A Hurry Plan – If you find yourself with limited time and resources to get a senior’s home sold, this guide assists you with quick steps, ideas, and penny-pinching tips.

The Colonial Kit also includes:

  • 1 Hour of Personalized Coaching – Enjoy a full session with one of SASH’s trained, experienced Coaches, to answer your pressing questions and assist with overcoming any obstacles in your way.

The Victorian Kit includes all materials mentioned in the Tudor and Cape Cod Kits, as well as:

  • 2 Hours of Personalized Coaching – Benefit from one session of 2 hours, or two sessions of 1 hour each, with one of SASH’s trained, experienced Coaches. They can help you with specific questions and challenges you might be facing in your unique home sale situation.  

To purchase your SASH Senior Home Sale Kit, visit our Buy A SASH Kit page for simple ordering and shipping!