“Boy was I impressed! SASH truly offers a valuable service. This is a program I want to present to my clients.”
Benefits of a SASH Sale

The primary benefit of a SASH sale is that no matter which home sale option our clients choose, or if they are buying or selling, they can enjoy personalized service, high levels of attentiveness and care, and outstanding management of each detail, from start to sold. The priority that we put on taking care of our clients is universal to all that SASH does.

SASH offers unique services and benefits to clients, which differentiate us from other real estate services. They may include the following:

Custom timelines for your sale:  We operate on your timeline. You won’t experience pushiness or fast-moving deadlines with SASH. Whether you want to sell in 3 weeks or 3 years, we are on your schedule and will design the sale around you.

Privacy:  We offer home sale options that enable clients to skip the hassle or disruption of having buyers come and go. When privacy and security is important, SASH’s services are ideal.

No Repairs or Updates:  With the “SASH Program” home sale options, our clients don’t have to do any repairs or updates to their home. SASH can manage every detail of preparing the home for sale, including minor repairs or complete renovations to reach top market value.

Packing and Moving Assistance:  For clients and their families who would like extra support, SASH can provide professional downsizing services. This can include sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking in your new home, all of which are a-la-carte for your choosing.

Estate Sale and Donation Services:  If you have household items you’d like to sell or donate, SASH can arrange these services. SASH teams with experienced estate sale professionals who can help monetize the valuable household items, providing potential income for you.

Elder Care Expertise:  SASH was founded as an elder care service, and it’s been our passion for over a decade. We work collaboratively with hundreds of senior care professional in a “circle of care” around clients. Our clients and their families benefit from our specialized understanding, our elder care resources, and our professional network.

Resources:  Sometimes our clients need to focus their funds on paying for a senior loved one’s care and housing, and are not in a position to pay for packing, moving, repairs, or selling expenses. SASH offers home sale options that provide resources to help pay for these until closing, providing peace of mind to our clients.

High Quality Presentation:  SASH’s high standards directly benefit our clients with the outcome of their home sale. It is a very important financial step to sell a home. It’s why we take many extra steps to present your home at its best, so that you have a tangible, valuable result at the end of the sale.

We would love to assist you and your family with our outstanding home sale services, and to enable you to enjoy the best experience of purchasing or selling a home.