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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of home sale price can I expect when I work with SASH?

This depends on the home sale option that you choose within our family of services. SASH has a number of home sale plans available to clients, and each can yield a different amount of net proceeds at closing. Some SASH clients want to maximize their sale price, and can go through the work, expense, and unknowns of a typical market listing. Other SASH clients wish to have a private home sale, designed around their needs, in which SASH makes a cash offer for the home. This option yields a lower price, as many services are included in a private sale. While many factors influence the sale price of a home, we can assist in providing information so that you can make an informed decision about the best home sale plan for you.

Who will come into my home if SASH is assisting with the sale?

We work hard to protect the privacy and normal routines of our senior clients. In a typical market sale of your home, those who will come into your home are real estate agents, potential buyers, appraisers, inspectors, and sometimes handymen for repairs or updates. In a SASH Program sale, which is more private, there are fewer guests in your home. No matter what option you choose, SASH will work around your schedule and routines for the least amount of disruption as possible.

What if I need help sorting and packing my belongings?

This is a common obstacle, and SASH is happy to assist you with this step. Our clients have the option to choose professional packing and moving services for simple downsizing. This can ease the intense labor and lengthy time of the sorting and packing process, making it simple, organized, and less stressful. The cost for these services can vary, so we encourage you to ask about these services when you speak with a SASH Team member.

Are SASH Team members real estate agents?

Many SASH Team members are licensed real estate brokers, as well as members of the Realtors® Association, with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. Our full-service brokerage, SASH Realty, serves seniors and their families by listing their home to sell. Other members of the SASH Team are experienced in elder care and social work, and almost all have real estate experience.

Am I qualified to receive assistance from SASH?

Everyone is welcome to receive assistance from SASH in the form of helpful information, tips, and expert advice. We offer these complimentary resources through our SeniorTube videos, our Helpful Articles, on our SASH Start to Sold Blog, and through our SASH Radio Program shows. To qualify for assistance from SASH Realty, SASH Program, or SASH Coaching Services, we invite you to call us with your specific home sale needs. We have services that are provided nationwide, and we’ll do what we can to assist you!

Where are SASH’s services available?

SASH can assist seniors and their families with any home situation, thanks to the wide range of options in our family of senior home sale services. Our website offers a robust series of tips and information through our SeniorTube videos, Helpful Articles, and Blog, which are accessible to anyone with Internet access. SASH Coaching provides over-the-phone assistance and guidance through a senior’s home sale to clients nationwide. SASH Realty can either list a senior’s home for sale, or can provide a qualified, screened referral to a Realtor anywhere in the country. The SASH Program is able to serve clients in the western region of Washington State, and will soon be expanding into other states. Call us today! We’ll do our best to assist you no matter your situation.

What if my family/loved ones live far away and are unable to help?

Families are commonly spread out across many states and regions these days, and it is not unusual for senior homeowners to go through a home sale on their own. This is where SASH’s services can be of great assistance, to both the senior and the family members. With our comprehensive support, all of the details and tasks of the home sale can be managed by SASH, protecting the senior’s energy, privacy, and well-being. We’ve helped many seniors enjoy a successful home sale, even with loved ones far away. Find out how we can do this for you!

How is SASH different than other home sale services?

Many home sale services offer results-driven services such as market analyses, aggressive marketing of the home, and a speedy close of the sale. While those are important, they do not always account for the sensitive challenges and unique needs in a senior’s home sale. At SASH, you’ll find experienced elder care professionals who understand the emotional, financial, physical, and relational aspects of selling a senior’s home. We collaborate with family and elder care professionals, and work as a team to ensure a smooth and simple sale and move. Our expertise in senior home sales creates client-focused services, with results that protect the well-being and best interests of the senior homeowner. 

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations of respect, integrity, and service during your home sale. Thank you for considering SASH for your home sale.