“From the first moment we knew this was a first class program. Excellent."
Founder and CEO

SASH’s senior home sale services were created as a unique blend of the founder’s work in senior care, social work and real estate.

Rebecca Bomann began serving seniors at age twelve, when an elderly couple hired her to assist them. The woman was bedridden, and her husband needed help.

For many years, Rebecca helped with chores, cleaning, and errands. Through this, she learned how seniors struggle to get by with limited support and resources. In the year 2000, Rebecca assisted her grandfather through his home sale. It was a stressful, overwhelming task that lasted many months.

By the end, it had taken a heavy emotional, physical, and financial toll on her grandfather. It didn’t seem right to Rebecca that he should have to endure such an experience. But it seemed there was no other way.

Following his home sale, Rebecca served as her grandfather’s full-time caregiver in her home. This year and a half together turned out to be the final chapter of his life. It deeply cemented her passion for serving seniors with the utmost dignity and care.

Rebecca’s concern for others stretched beyond seniors. For almost ten years, she worked on behalf of battered women, recovering addicts, homeless families, children in crisis, rape victims, teen moms, and those living in the impoverished ghettos of Argentina and Colombia. Her years in social work became the foundation of her career in real estate.

Shortly after venturing into the real estate profession, Rebecca discovered that there were very few services focused on assisting seniors through the home sale. From her first-hand experience with her grandfather’s home sale, she knew that “a better way” needed to be created.

SASH was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing seniors and their families with customized, supported, compassionate home sale services. From the early days of the company, when Rebecca wore all the hats, to today, with a growing team of exceptional professionals, SASH has stayed true to this mission. A philosophy of service, of the extra mile, and of trustworthy care guides all that we do.