"Once again, I'm compelled to say how much I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that's evident in every interaction."
SASH Client Stories

Each SASH story begins with a home and the senior who owns it. Beyond this common theme, however, not one of SASH’s home sale stories is like another.

Each home is different, each set of home sale circumstances are unique, and each client has his or her own life story leading up to the decision to sell the family home.

There is one striking similarity that weaves through all our clients’ home sale stories: each client received assistance and support that was custom-designed and personally tailored to meet their needs. At SASH, we custom design our services every day, and find great joy in providing home sale assistance that is unparalleled in its level of client care.

In the stories below, we’ve changed the names of our clients for their privacy. All other facts provided are a true account of how SASH served them through their home sale.

Mrs. Chesterton had been living in her home for many years. She lived alone, and suffered from glaucoma and cataracts. As Mrs. Chesterton’s vision deteriorated, so did the condition of her home. Her family was concerned, and came from another state to visit her. A time-sensitive situation evolved, one in which her family needed to move her back home with them in a few short weeks. Unfortunately, with the condition of Mrs. Chesterton’s home, a typical sale would be impossible.

With The SASH Program’s help, the family was able to move Mrs. Chesterton home with them, and they didn’t have to do any repairs or updates to the home. SASH provided complete sorting, packing and moving services, and even shipping her car for the family’s convenience. SASH completely remodeled the home and sold it quickly, providing proceeds from the home sale to the Chesterton family so that they could pay for her care. SASH’s Client Service Manager received an outstanding evaluation from the family for turning a stressful, overwhelming home sale into a quick, supported process.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips had been married over fifty years, and decided together that it was time to sell their lovely home and move to retirement living. They found an assisted living community and put their name on the waiting list. Shortly, they were surprised to get a phone call that an apartment was available at this community. But time was limited: they would have to move in within 45 days, and they needed the proceeds from their home sale to pay for their new home.

The SASH Program provided a solution, purchasing the home from the Phillips in less than 30 days. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips also enjoyed SASH’s moving services, including the extra help that our Client Service Managers provided in assembling their furniture on moving day. They were relieved to have accomplished the home sale in a short amount of time, with all the stressful details handled by SASH.

Julia and Linda were sisters who had grown up in the home their mother still owned. But now, it needed to be sold. Recently, their father had passed away, and their mother had dementia that was advancing quickly. The two sisters had tried unsuccessfully to sell the home, and they needed the proceeds from the home sale to pay for their mother’s memory care community.

SASH’s complete home sale services allowed the sisters to focus on their mother’s care, not having to worry anymore about the home sale. Though the home was outdated and needed repairs, SASH handled all of this for them, delivering the needed funds to the family in a short amount of time. Grateful for SASH’s solution in a tough situation, they exchanged holiday cards with SASH for many years.

Mr. and Mrs. Shackley were proud of their home with its vaulted ceilings, private garden, and spacious kitchen. Their four daughters and all the extended family loved to come over and celebrate holidays together. One day, Mr. Shackley had a fall, and needed surgery to mend his hip. His doctor ordered him to be in a wheelchair for the next several months, some of which would be spent in rehabilitation. Mrs. Shackley knew that their home could not accommodate a wheelchair, even with modifications. They needed to sell the home and move into an assisted living community together, where Mr. Shackley could receive daily care.

She heard about SASH, and called to find out more. Without her husband’s help, she could not navigate all of the sorting, packing, and moving, much less the hard work of getting through a home sale. SASH’s services enabled Mrs. Shackley to move into the assisted living community in less than two weeks, and SASH took care of each step of the home sale for her. Their daughters didn’t even have to help with the process, as they were each busy with work and family. What seemed to be an overwhelming obstacle to reuniting Mr. and Mrs. Shackley, turned out to be a simple and dignified home sale.

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