“We needed to enter a retirement home because of our health. SASH made it easy. We recommend SASH to senior homeowners.”
How Our Kit Can Help

There are kits for model airplanes, kits for wedding cakes, kits for dog training, and kits for building a shed. Yet when an elderly loved one has a home to sell, it seems that information and guidance is hard to find. Without assistance, families often struggle through the sale, and it can take a heavy toll on everyone.

SASH has been assisting seniors and their families through their home sale since 2006. Since the beginning of SASH, we have received phone calls from across the country, from families seeking guidance and resources. They often don’t know where to begin, or who can help them, with this significant and overwhelming journey.

SASH Senior Home Sale Kits offer user-friendly, organized information for navigating the sale of a senior’s home. Our Kits remove the mystery of the home sale by explaining the process in easy-to-understand materials, so that you can have the confidence and knowledge to achieve a successful sale of your home.

SASH Kits:

  • Provide a roadmap about what to expect and what’s required for each phase of the home sale.
  • Provide valuable guidance about important decisions in the home sale, so that you can be an informed seller.
  • Provide ideas for saving money and time in the sale, so that you aren’t spending more than necessary for a good outcome.
  • Provide inspiration and encouragement in the stories we share of other seniors’ home sales and how they achieved their sale.
  • Provide checklists for easy reference to help you remember the details and tasks along the way.
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions about the sale of a senior’s home, for peace of mind as you begin the process.
  • Provide general assistance to begin your journey. For personalized assistance, see our Kits that include time with a Senior Home Sale Coach!

At SASH, we believe that guidance and assistance through the sale of a senior’s home should be simple to find, and easy to afford. SASH Kits provide this help, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.